Supported by four commited structures with complementary skills, discover the whole team behind the LIFE Coteaux Gascons!

ADASEA du gers

Association for Development, Planning and Services in Environment and Agriculture.

Association under the law of 1901 created in 1972 and approved for environmental protection since 2011.

3 main purposes:

  • To prepare and implement actions regarding the fields of Agriculture, Land management and maintenance, Environment and Local development.
  • To ensure the link between the agricultural profession and other actors on local issues, in particular on environmental matters, natural environments issues, water and biodiversity.
  • To turn Environment and Local Development into elements of agricultural, rural and social cohesion.


Claire, agronomist and ecologist engineer, has been managing ADASEA since 2015, and has set herself the guideline of combining agriculture and biodiversity. She is at the origin of the project, which she built during 3 years with several collaborators (Claire François, Axelle Duverger, Françoise Faissat and Aurélie Belvèze) and the associated partners. Today, she remains the project's spokesperson and contributes to its coordination, but has entrusted the operational leadership to Aurélie Belvèze.


AURELIE BELVEZE - technical coordination

Aurélie joined ADASEA as an intern in 2001 and has never left, working mainly on Natura 2000 and agri-environmental measures. Since autumn 2020, she has been responsible for technical coordination and has shared her knowledge of the "Coteaux" with newcomers to the project.


MYLENE DUTAUT - administrative and financial coordination

Recruited in November 2020, Mylène is in charge of coordinating the administrative and financial aspects of the project and intervenes in a transversal way on the communication actions, with "an ace up her sleeve", a Master's degree in Applied Foreign Languages, which will be very useful for the translation into English of the reports and communication supports to be presented to the European agency CINEA.



After an internship marking the end of her master's degree in ecology in 2018, Léa returned to ADASEA as an employee in the summer of 2020. She was eager to walk the grasslands again. Her mission within LIFE consists mainly in carrying out part of the field studies: habitat mapping, agro-ecological surveys.



Benjamin, an agricultural engineer and passionate naturalist, joined the ADASEA LIFE team in April 2021 following his end-of-study internship at the CBNPMP the previous year. He carried out part of the habitat mapping campaign as well as floristic and ornithological monitoring. He is currently working on building the agro-ecological diagnoses that will be implemented from spring 2022.



Eva joined LIFE Coteaux Gascons in March 2021 as part of her end-of-study internship. She went to meet farmers and local stakeholders to analyse their perceptions and uses of open agro-pastoral environments. As a young agronomy engineering graduate, Eva is continuing her professional adventure with us performing agro-pastoral diagnostics and investigating collective management tools.


Maxime joined the LIFE team at the beginning of March 2021 as part of his end-of-study master's internship. He partly carried out the mapping of habitats, defined indicators of the state of conservation of the MOAPs as well as the monitoring of the flora of certain selected plots. He is currently working on the ecological continuity of these environments in the territory until the end of March.



At the start of the project and during the year 2021, we also had the pleasure of collaborating with Nicolas TURCIK on the preparatory mapping work and Christophe MARESCHAL DE CHARENTENAY who succeeded him. We warmly thank them for their involvement and their contribution! We would also like to give our special thanks to all our colleagues of the ADASEA who, without officially participating, provide their daily support, their skills and advises to make the project move forward!

Adasea du Gers is a local tool at the service of people and territories.

As an approved association for the protection of the environment, we offer our expertise to accompany the evolution of productions and farms so that they participate in the sustainable development of the rural space. The entire agricultural profession is present and adheres to Adasea’s orientations.

In the Gers, the agricultural economy and the preservation of the environment must be managed together because there are many interactions.

We propose an approach combining these two approaches to help local authorities and communes to draw up their urban planning documents.

Water management, soil erosion and the maintenance of biodiversity are major issues and concerns that must be better taken into account in agricultural practices.

We run the Technical Assistance Unit for Wetlands and several Natura 2000 sites, making the environment and biodiversity objects of agricultural and rural cohesion.

We hope that this singular approach associating agriculture and the environment will make its way, that it will be exemplary! 

Safer Occitanie

Société d’aménagement foncier et d’établissement rural

Public limited company, non-profit, with missions of general interest, under the supervision of the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance, created in 1960.

4 missions :

  • Boosting agriculture and forestry
  • Supporting local development
  • Contributing to environmental protection
  • To monitor the agricultural land market guaranteeing its transparency

LAURENT TARDIEU - DIRECTOR of the Gers departmental service

Laurent has been the head of the Gers departmental service for more than 10 years and has a detailed knowledge of the territory and its agricultural issues. He ensures that the land operations within the framework of LIFE run smoothly and provides his regulatory expertise.

Isabelle BOTREL – Director of Land Use and Environment Department

Isabelle is in charge of supporting collectivities, territorial development projects and environmental missions at Safer Occitanie, she participated in the construction of the LIFE project. Today she shares her expertise and participates in the general coordination of the project.


Marc joined LIFE Coteaux Gascons at the beginning of 2021 to get involved in two subjects he is passionate about: agriculture and the environment. It is through the prism of land that he seeks to harmonize agriculture and environmental preservation. He is in charge of land studies, land management and works with a land advisors team to achieve the ambitious objectives of LIFE.

Our action in favour of the sustainable development of the rural area, of the management and protection of the agricultural sector, leads us to be open to all projects that contribute to this, however diverse they may be, throughout the Occitanie Region.

To do so, we help setting up project leaders, whether they are looking for a farm, a vineyard, a wine estate or a rural property for sale in our Region.
We provide our services to all the actors of the rural world, private or public, including in peri-urban areas.

Safer – Service Départemental Gers
23 avenue de la Marne
BP 10084
32002 AUCH
05 62 61 92 30 –


National Botanical Conservatory of the Pyrenees and Midi-Pyrenees

Joint association created in 1999 and approved by the Ministry of Ecology

4 missions:

  • knowledge of the flora, fauna, vegetation and natural habitats,
  • conservation of rare and threatened elements
  • technical and scientific assistance to the public authorities
  • information and awareness raising

MANUEL DELAFOULHOUZE - Environmental restoration officer

In charge of supporting stakeholders in the restoration of open environments, in particular using seeds of local origin: from harvesting on source sites to monitoring restorations, including the various sowing techniques.

THOMAS SANZ - Flora and Habitats officer

In charge of flora and habitat, accompanies the actors of the project on the typology and the cartography of the open agropastoral environments.

CAMILLE MULATERO - Assistant in ecological restoration

Her work consists in identifying the source meadows (natural hay meadows), contacting the managers and organizing their harvest and the sowing of these local seeds on target plots that are to be restored.



This work and involvement of the CBNPMP relies on the support and cooperation of a multidisciplinary team that must be mentioned and thanked: from administrative and accounting follow-up, to communication and geomatics, as well as coordination and management responsibilities.

As a public institution approved by the Ministry of Ecology, we fulfil the missions defined by the Environment Code, reinforced in July 2010 by the “Grenelle2” law, on the knowledge of flora, fauna, vegetation and natural habitats, the conservation of rare and endangered elements and the technical and scientific support to public authorities. We also have an information and awareness-raising mission.

Our botanists travel throughout our territory to search for and locate rare or endangered plants and environments, or to inventory all the flora and natural habitats. This important fieldwork is completed by knowledge from the past thanks to the herbarium collection and the rich bibliography collected in our documentation centre.

Our mission is to disseminate data on flora and vegetation.
We address the relationship between biological diversity and cultural diversity by getting involved in the collection and promotion of representations, uses and practices of plants. We also participate in the conservation of traditionally cultivated old varieties.

Conservatoire botanique national des Pyrénées et de Midi-Pyrénées
Syndicat mixte Conservatoire botanique pyrénéen
Vallon de Salut
BP 70315
65203 Bagnères-de-Bigorre Cedex
Tél : –


Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment Pays Gersois

Created in March 2000, on the initiative of young students and teachers from agricultural establishments who were sensitive to the environment, the association rapidly diversified its actions and developed its involvement in the service of its territory; this enabled it to be labelled “CPIE Pays Gersois” since July 2004. Its objectives are to promote citizenship and eco-citizenship, to develop projects for the development and enhancement of the local natural and cultural heritage and to act in favour of sustainable development through four main missions:

  • TO DISPLAY the keys to the ecological and energetic transition, for a deeper understanding of environmental issues in order to act as a responsible citizen.
  • TO SUPPORT local actors in the implementation of projects related to the environment and sustainable development.
  • TO PRESERVE our natural resources by working in the field and contributing to the improvement of scientific knowledge to facilitate decision-making
  • To be a SPACE FOR SOCIAL LIFE, a friendly meeting place


She manages the project and ensures the coordination of the team and the missions. She participates in the follow-up and ensures the smooth running of the actions with all the partners!


DALILA CHARLES DONATIEN - Communication officer

She enhances, highlights and publicises the incredible work of the entire LIFE Coteaux Gascons team!


PAULINE ADNET - Educator and environmental officer

She raises awareness among people of all ages on the themes of the environment and biodiversity through her activities: workshops and guided walks on the Gascon hillsides!


CLAIRE LAURENT - Environmental Officer

With her butterfly net, binoculars and notebook, she goes in search of lepidopterans in open agro-pastoral environments to inventory them and advance scientific knowledge of the area!



Thanks also to Hildegarde LEJEUNE, administrative and financial management assistant, and to the whole team of the CPIE Pays Gersois for its work and its support for the development of the LIFE Coteaux Gascons project.

We promote and support all projects that allow us to act for a sustainable development of the department, through our different missions:

TO DISPLAY the keys to the ecological and energy transition, allowing a better understanding of environmental issues in order to act as a responsible citizen.

TO SUPPORT local actors in the implementation of projects related to the environment and sustainable development.

TO PRESERVE our natural heritage by intervening in the field and by contributing to the improvement of scientific understanding in order to facilitate decision-making.

CPIE Pays Gersois
16 rue Joseph Delort / 6 boulevard Lascours
32300 Mirande
05 62 66 85 77 –