59 actions divided into 5 categories to be carried out within 5 years

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list of actions and progress


The preparatory actions will take place over the period 2020-2022 to establish an inventory of the ecological continuity of open environments through the mapping of continuity elements and the analysis of connectivity, but also an inventory of uses and practices.


These actions also involve identifying and meeting stakeholders through a diagnosis of the land market and local meetings.


The biodiversity inventory of the MOAPs in the reservoirs includes habitat mapping and an inventory of indicator species of open environments.


Workshops with stakeholders will enable the drafting of planning documents and an internal guide on regulatory aspects.

The conservation actions will allow the recreation of continuity by reopening MOAPs in the biodiversity reservoirs through works of different nature and scale: reopening of plots, re-establishment of new meadows, restoration works, restoration by reintroducing grazing, acquisition of equipment necessary for the management of agro-pastoral environments.

The monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of the project’s actions will be done through:

  • monitoring of conservation actions after works, using established indicators
  • monitoring of dissemination actions
  • evaluation of socio-economic and eco-systemic impacts

The communication and dissemination actions include the general promotion of the LIFE project and its highlighting by means of a wide range of communication media and tools (creation of a graphic identity and a communication plan, creation of a communication toolkit, creation of a website, realisation of video supports, etc.) but also a whole section of training, awareness-raising and involvement of the actors of the territory’s development (farmers and elected representatives)

The coordination actions are designed to ensure rigorous monitoring of the project and effective reporting to partners and funders.